London, England


The Theospohy London Centre carries on a large variety of classes and events. The aim of the group is to form a centre of brotherhood for the study and practice of the Perennial Wisdom, or Theosophy, so as to live a more meaningful and fulfilled life, and it welcomes to its association all who share its interests and goals.

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Phone: 020 7723 0688

United Lodge of Theosophists, London, UK

Robert Crosbie House, 62 Queen’s Gardens, London, W2 3AL, United Kingdom

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    • Wednesday  09:00-21:30      study meetings 19:00-21:30
    • Thursday      09:00-18:00      online Course mtg 19:00-20:30  (1st Thurs monthly)
    • Saturday      09:00-18:00      Seminars 13:00-18:15   (quarterly)
    • Sunday am  10:30-12:30      Story time 1:00-12:15   (twice monthly)
    • Sunday pm  18:30-20:30      talks / study meetings 19:00-20:30
    • Mon/Tu/Fri  09:00-18:00     open by appointment