London, Ontario, Canada


We are a United Lodge of Theosophists group in London, Ontario, CANADA. Our lodge has been open for almost 100 years. The lodge began in the home of Dr. Gillies with a small group of devoted students. We have been at our current location for over 50 years.Our meetings are held in the meeting room and library, and on Zoom.

Contact Information:


Laura Gray 226-973-5006

Web Address:


    • Wednesday Evening at 7:30 pm, we study and discuss the Theosophical Teachings.

    • Sunday Evening at 7:30 pm, we present talks and discussions

    • Every Thursday Afternoon, at 1:00, from October 1 to June 21 we meet on Zoom for a Bhagavad Gita Class

      To register for all our meetings on Zoom, contact: ultontario@gmail.com

      The Library is open to the public every Saturday from 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM Contact brendos2000@yahoo.com

      All are welcome! No fees or dues required.


The Writings of H.P. Blavatsky and William Quan Judge are available for purchase at the lodge, along with devotional books by other writers. The Library is quite extensive with books on literature, science, philosophy, art, and history. As many books are out of print now, we prefer that the books are read at the lodge and if extra time is needed, there are students available to open the library at a prearranged time.